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Weather dependent 1st Booking at 8:45am more times added as needed.  We fly off of both Aspen Mountain (Ajax) and Snowmass Mountain.
Our pilots will meet you on the mountain. We recommend you schedule your flight time early on during your vacation in Aspen or Snowmass in case we need to reschedule due to weather. A Foot Pass (Aspen) or Ski Pass (Snowmass) is needed for all winter flights.
 Summer 6:45am, 8:15am, 10:15 a.m.(minimum weight for 10:15am is 100LBS) The experience includes a ride up Aspen Mountain to one of our launch areas.
The average paragliding experience last approximately 2 hours round trip. In-Air flight time depends on conditions but are 3000 ft and that takes at least 15 minutes to descend. In-Air flight times can only be extended with thermal activity.


Weather dependent 1st Booking at 8:30am more times added as needed

Fall flights are from After Labor Day to about October 7th. We book 8:30 am flights first and will add flights as needed 10:30 am would be the next flight if booked at 8:30. 10/7/2024 estimated Closing date in October but will depend on weather and access to the road.

Our summer tandem flights are scheduled 3 times a day, 1st flight booked is the 8:15 then other flight times are added weather depending.The pilot will give you a flight briefing at launch and put you into a comfortable harness. With just a few running steps you and your pilot will take off the side of the hill like a bird. You sit in front, the pilot behind you, allowing for the best views. The cost per person is $400.  Feel free to call us directly at 970-925-6975 for more information on the booking process and requirements.

Online availability is limited due to our client screening process so call to hear full availability and times.

Any Participants 65 years or older must call to book!

We also offer a Go Pro package to help you remember and share this remarkable experience with your friends and families.(Summer Only)

Summer availability is updated by March 15th and Winter availability by October 15.

Your tandem flight includes a ground school course in paragliding  that covers all the information the FAA wants you to know about your flight.  To download your copy, click on

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